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Type:: Fake nails

Type: Full Nail Tips

Suitable for skin type:: Any skin type

Shelf life:: three years

Quantity: 24/30pcs

Qty:: 30pcs/box

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Material: Acrylic

Item Type: False Nail

Features3: Nail Stickers

Features2: Women's Fashion

Features1: Press on Nails

Colors:: 19 Colors to choose from

Brand Name: LEKGAVD

Application: Finger

Hot New 24/30 pcs Reusable Stick-On-Nails Acrylic Full Cover False Nail Artificial Tips Press On Nails Art Stick Nail Art Tools

Type: Fake nails
Shelf life: three years
Suitable for skin type: Any skin type
Qty: 30pcs/box
Colors:19 Colors to choose from
How to use:
1. Clean the nail surface with a cleaning cloth.
2. Pick the right nails (nails are slightly smaller and more natural than nails).
3. Stick the adhesive on the nail surface (press hard, no bubbles).
4. Align the round head of the nail with the bottom of the nail, then press (the part with the number facing outward).
5. Modify the edges of nails with a rubbing strip according to personal needs.
6. Remove the adhesive, nails can be reused.

How to remove:
1.Use a small wooden stick to gently cut your nails from the edge of the nails.
2.Clean up nails and adhesive residue on nail surfaces.
3.Nails can be reused after removing them.

Package includes:
30 fake nails
1 x nail file
1 x fake nail removal stick
1 x jelly gel
1 x cleaning paper
1 x super glue

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