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function 4: Butterfly tattoo

function 3: temporary tattoo woman waterproof

function 2: temporary tattoo sticker for kids

function 1: waterproof temporary tattoos

Type: Temporary Tattoo

Size: 9.7*5.7cm

Size: 30pcs/set

Package: 20-30Pcs/Set

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: Combo

Model number: tattoo sticker

Model Number: stickers

Brand Name: Effosola


1.Good endurance, Under normal circumstances,can be completely maintained for 3-10 days, the exact value varies from person to person and part to part.

2.Non - toxic environmental protection material, no heavy metal.

Size: About 9.7*5.7cm

Quantity: 30pcs/20pcs set

How to use:

1,Cut off the pattern you chose

2,Remove the surface protection film

3,Place the tattoo face down on skin, Wet the tattoo thoroughly with a sponge or towel

4,Gently remove the back pape after 1 minute.Waiting for the tattoo to dry!

Clearing away:

Wipe with a body lotion or BB until it completely disappears, or remove the tattoo with alcohol.


1. There is a little color error between the object and the picture.

2. Can't touch water within 2 hours after posting

Temporary Tattoo Stickers 1 Set




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