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Type: Temporary Tattoo

Style: Butterfly Rose Flower Tattoos Sticker

Size: as the picture show

Size: 90X190MM

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Model Number: 0001

1pcs 3D Butterfly Tattoos Stickers Rose Flower Girls Women Body Art Water Transfer Temporary Tattoo Sticker Arm Wrist Fake Tatoo

3D Butterfly Flower Tattoo Sticker
The pattern is clear, non-toxic, tasteless, pure color, long-lasting waterproof. The gameplay is simple, easy to use, and you can post wherever you want.

1. Cut out the desired pattern, leave 2-3mm at the edge, and tear off the transparent film on the pattern.
2. Clean the area to be attached without sweat, oil or skin care products.
3. After correctly pasting, wait for 40-60 seconds, let it dry naturally, and then peel off the sticker.
4. There will be traces of glue on the edge after being pasted. After natural air-drying, use talcum powder to pat lightly to make the marks more natural.

Quick removal method
1. Wipe with alcohol to quickly remove the pattern, and dip a cotton pad with alcohol.
2. Wet the part with the pattern completely. Wipe the pattern for 15-20 seconds.

Material: water transfer paper
Size: 19cmX9cm
Pattern: butterfly, flower
quantity: 1pcs

Package includes: 1X tattoo stickers 


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