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Type: Body Paint

Template type: Temporary Tattoo Ink

Quantity: 1 Set

Origin: CN(Origin)

Number of Pieces: One Unit

NET WT: 10ml

Model Number: Temporary Tattoo Ink

Item type: henna paste

Ingredient: henna juice

Color: Black

Brand Name: Tiebeauty

Specification:100% Brand New & High quality.
Type:Juice Tattoo Cream for Body Paint.
Net content: 10ml x Black.

Easy to operate: Multiple colors available.Better than general tattoo liquid.

No pain, change the pattern as you like.

This product needs to be used with a tattoo template.

Natural oxidation of juice to form a tattoo, natural effect, long lasting.duration can reach 10-15 days.

Tattoo juice, made of natural fruit juice, no harm to the human body, not edible.

1 Set = 1 x 10ml Black Ink + 63Pcs tattoo stencils + 10Pcs Cotton swab + 1 Pair Disposable gloves + 1Pcs Wipes.

1. Carefully clean the area where you need a tattoo and dry it.
2. Remove the tattoo and stick it where you like it.
3. Gently press with your hands to ensure a good fit.
4.Please put on the gloves first and apply the tattoo cream evenly on the
exposed skin. It is necessary to apply the thickness of a coin so that
the coloring effect is good.
5. You can use a cotton swab to help apply the tattoo cream.
6. Wait for 40 minutes or so, wait until the paste is dry, do not touch this process, or it will appear blooming.
7. After drying out, you can tear off the template, and the residual paste needs to be clipped with tweezers.
8. Wait another 3-4 hours, and the tattoo will appear in the tattooed part, and the pattern will become more and more obvious.
1.Do not touch the tattoo with your hands.
2.For people with sensitive or sensitive skin, a small range of tests is required to determine that they are not allergic and are in use.

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